Chat-About Checklist


Your Life

Tell those you love that you love them ~ Share what’s important to you ~

Impart wisdom from lessons learned ~ Give out thank you’s


Revisit regrets: Clear your conscience with confessions ~ Offer apologies ~ Allow forgiveness of others ~ Plan and live your dreams

Thoughts on Death

Ponder your beliefs in an afterlife ~ Reflect on your religious/spiritual philosophy ~ Discuss any concerns about death/dying

Legal Issues

Create your will/trust ~ Put in place a living will &/or powers of attorney ~ Name executor & proxy and review your wishes

Medical Wishes

Discuss and put in writing thoughts on: life support/d-n-r directives ~ Organ donation ~ Autopsy ~ Give copies of AMDs to family and doctors

Last Days

Envision: Where are you?  Who’s near? What surrounds you? ~ Would you like hospice care? ~ Who should your loved ones notify at the end?


Plan: Which would you prefer burial or cremation? ~ What sort of service/ memorial? ~

Have arrangements been made? ~ Any extra touches?

Loved Ones & Stuff

Establish guardians for your kids (& pets) ~ Consider granting a blessing to remarry ~

Who do you want to inherit your money & stuff?


List your vital stats ~ Where are the important papers? ~ Who are the need-to-know people?

~ Where are the keys/any other pertinent items?



Leave some love behind ~ How do you want to be remembered? ~ What do you want your legacy to be? ~ Convey any last wishes...

               MY LAST WISHES . . .       by ~ Joy Meredith                                                     Copyrighted material. All rights reserved.

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