Joy Meredith lost her beloved Ted to AIDS in 1995, which was an extremely traumatic and frustrating experience.  Since he had not left any written instructions, and she was not immediate family, a lot of unnecessary drama ensued when he became incapacitated.  Then, in the summer of 2002, while she was still recovering from the loss of her grandmother, the Chicago police called to notify her that her college boyfriend, Christopher, was found dead.  She was the one who notified his family (they were living on the east coast at the time) and helped with the arrangements.

Adding in the loss of a high-school friend and a sorority sister when Joy was in her 20’s, it’s clear she knows firsthand it’s not only the eighty-year-olds who need to have their wishes expressed to their loved ones.  And even though her parents have wills and living wills, as their executor, she wants to make sure there is nothing left unclear that could cause a rift with her siblings like she has witnessed in other families.  So she wrote My Last Wishes . . . as a tool for herself, her family, and yours.

       A writer, consultant, and creator of ME Mapping, she lives and leads workshops in the Chicagoland area.

       Visit her at and @JoyMeredith


A little about Joy . . .

photo: Sarah Grace

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